VILDA performing at WOMEX Opening concert "Artic Fire" at Tampere hall 23.10.2019 (YLE)!


When Hildá and Viivi heard each other's music for the first time, an idea was born to combine yoik and accordion. Are the ancient singing form of the Sami, and the accordion, the traditional Finnish instrument from so different worlds that they have not been paired before?

Duo VILDÁ combines mystical yoiks, swinging rhythms and improvisation in a fascinating way. Influenced by contemporary pop music and Finnish folk music, a unique soundtrack is born that will carry the listener to the northern fells, where the winds of the Sámiland blow.

VILDÁ: Vildaluodda
VILDÁ: Mäkrävaaran Äijö | The Old Man Of Mäkrä Hill
VILDÁ: Goaskinviellja - Eagle Brother (by Mari Boine) Video was presented at the MOTHER TONGUE FILM FESTIVAL in Washington D.C, USA, 24th of February, 2019.

Album has entered the World Music Charts 2019:
World Music Chart Europe: May #19

Showcased at:
Celtic Connections, Scotland, UK 2020
Mundial Montreal, Canada 2019
Nordic Folk Alliance, Sweden 2019

Debut album Vildaluodda (Wildprint) has been released 4th of April, 2019.
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Arctic fells, frosty winds, wide waters and deep forests. That is our home - the North. For us it is the birthplace of our attitude as well as many memories, a source of inspiration, stories and tradition, a vast play ground full of endless trails to travel. Wild and fascinating! Yet it is also the place where we feel the most safe and rooted. When we decided to set off on an adventure together as VILDÁ, we would never guess what an exciting journey begun. We have discovered, felt and experienced together. And as we stroll around the musical wilderness, we are leaving behind a trace like any other creature or being on this planet - it looks like a wildprint.

Hildá Länsman (Sámiland/ Finland) - vocals, joik, drum

Viivi Maria Saarenkylä (Finland) - accordion, backing vocals