Solju - Ulla Pirttijärvi and her daughter Hildá Länsman, combine their heritage of northern Sámi language and traditional chant, known as yoik, with a desire for new and innovative music, providing a dialogue of traditional and modern Sámi culture. They're proud of their indigenous roots and want to show it to the world!

Sámi culture and identity lie at the heart of the music, reflecting mythology and aspects of the traditional lifestyles of their homeland, taking the listener to the far north of Europe: Sápmi. Their soundscape ranges from the expansive wilderness of the tundra to the most intimate lávvu fireplace.

How do this dainty duo describe themselves in five words? Vivacious, colourful, earthy, ethereal, genuine.


"Ođđa Áigodat" ("New Times) - Album released 25th of April 2018 at G Livelab in Helsinki, Finland.

The album will be released in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Spain and Portugal 15th of June, 2018 and in UK, Ireland 6th of July, 2018 by Nordic Notes.

"Ođđa Áigodat" has entered the World Music Charts:
Transglobal World Music Chart, June 2018, #9
World Music Chart Europe, June 2018, #13

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Album band members:
Ulla Pirttijärvi - vocals, yoik
Hildá Länsman - vocals, yoik
Samuli Laiho - programming, synths, gtr, piano, glockenspiel
Teho Majamäki - percussion, vibes, hang

Guest artists:
Czech National Symphony Orchestra - strings
Paavo Lötjönen - cello
Mikko Neuvonen - throat singing
Janne Puurtinen - synth bass, synth

Produced by Samuli Laiho, Co-producer Teho Majamäki and mixed by Riku Mattila. Executive producer Jyri Lehtonen / Bafe´s Factory.