Tokyo Jazz Site, OK Jazz Episode 21

James Catchpole started Tokyo Jazz Site (TJS) in late 2007 as a blog devoted to a simple quest: visit and briefly profile every jazz related establishment in the Greater Tokyo Area.

The jazz scene here is extensive and diverse, including bars, cafes, clubs, record shops, performance spaces and festivals. Although New York City may be the center of jazz for live music, there’s nowhere in the world where you can hear jazz in more places than the Tokyo Metropolitan Area…

Tokyo Jazz played our song, Tähtineito!

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Interviews (USA) Interview with Vilma Timonen

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Kuutar (Live version at Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, Kaustinen, Finland, 2016)

Drops (Live version at Cafe Piritta, Helsinki, 2016)

Pinnan alla (Live version at Allotria, Helsinki, 2015)

Tuuli - Live version


Harakan saari, Helsinki 27.9.2015

Photos © Aija Lehtonen