SINGLE Trepatska Thrasher

In the darkest corner of the room, you can hear music in the air
- a trepatska tune that has always cried out for double-kicks accompaniment.

Trepatska is a dance that has been improvised by bowed lyre and kantele players right up to the beginning of the 20th century. Finnish ethnomusicologist A. O. Väisänen recorded Karelian trepatska and many other forms of dance music improvisation such as maanitus with the phonograph in his expeditions to Karelia and Aunus.

Väisänen published the tunes he had collected in 1928 in his book Kantele- ja jouhikkosävelmiä. Around a hundred years later, Trepatska Thrasher was inspired by those pieces.

  • 1. Trepatska Thrasher (Salonen, Prauda) 2:54

  • This track is instrumental.
  • SINGLE Trepatska Thrasher

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