"Twined"-album has been released 11.10.2017 in Finland. Album will be released in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and Portugal in November 2017 and in UK and Ireland in December 2017 by Nordic Notes.

The album was recorded with and Anders Liljeström custom made Modern elite jumbo guitar. Thank you Anders for building the most beautiful sounding and looking instruments that truly resonate with the player and the audience!
  • Red cedar top
  • Madagascar rosewood back and sides
  • Scale lenght 26,2"
  • Ebony angled binding
  • Ziricote fretboard with bevel
  • Liljeström two piece split bridge of ziricote and ebony
  • Gotoh tuners
  • Shellac/satin finish
  • Micro cutaway
"This record is a combination of many things with a new touch. Fans of fingerstyle guitar, folk music, ethno music, even maybe jazz or rock should listen to this CD. It makes no right to this album to put it into one musical genre."
-- Joonas Widenus, producer, guitarist and composer
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  • 1. 1+1 (4:26)
  • 2. Leaf rain (4:23)
  • 3. Rascal (3:56), feat. Venla Ilona Blom
  • 4. Wastavirta / Countercurrent (4:10), feat. Maija Kauhanen
  • 5. White desert (7:31)
  • 6. Daddy’O (5:26)
  • 7. Devil’s jam (3:44)
  • 8. Afternoon tea (5:28)
  • 9. Traffic (5:48), feat. Petteri Sariola
  • 10. Kaksi polkua / Two paths (8:52)
comp / arr J-P Piirainen

Two personalities colliding inside my head. One wants to play and the other wants to dance. Is it so that only the stronger lives or can they live together as one strong unit?
Leaf rain
comp / arr J-P Piirainen

I was walking in a park in Helsinki and the harsh autumn wind that whispers the first steps of winter made colorful leaves dance around me.
Rascal - feat. Venla Ilona Blom
comp J-P Piirainen, arr J-P Piirainen & Venla Ilona Blom

We are not the most typical players of our instruments but we do our thing without fear and hesitation, following our calling as musicians.
Wastavirta / Countercurrent - feat. Maija Kauhanen
comp J-P Piirainen, arr J-P Piirainen & Maija Kauhanen

Sometimes you have to go against the current to make your way through life – but do it with your head held high!
White desert
comp / arr J-P Piirainen

I love winter and snow, the pale harshness of them. I’ve spent a lot of time walking with snow shoes in the wildlands of Eastern Finland. White desert, cold, dark and dangerous. My oasis.
comp / arr J-P Piirainen

A tune for my father. I have him to thank for introducing me to the most wonderful sound of the guitar.
Devil’s jam
comp / arr J-P Piirainen

Inspired by Finnish folklore stories about the devil and the legend of Robert Johnson.
Afternoon tea
comp / arr J-P Piirainen

A tune for my mother, a lady with a sharp artistic visual sense. Inspired by her amazing knitting work.
Traffic - feat. Petteri Sariola
comp / arr J-P Piirainen

The hectic city life around me and inside my mind makes my head spin from time to time. Sometimes you just have to embrace it.
Kaksi polkua / Two paths
comp / arr J-P Piirainen

Two paths going through the forest, crossing each other, going in different directions, but you reach your destination walking either path. I truly believe we all find our way in the end if we just keep walking.

J-P Piirainen, Nordic Guitar music - Twined

Release date 11.10.2017



EAN: 0784008197787

Bafe's Factory, Helsinki, Finland (2017)

Sibelius Academy Folk Music Recordings 164


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