Taas kerran, äkkiä (2023)

Hannu Saha is a traditional folk musician specializing in various kinds of kantele and their traditional playing styles. He has appeared on dozens of recordings including Mummi Kutoo, Primitiivisen Musiikin Orkesteri Primo and Salamakannel.

Pakasteet (”Frozen Food”) are a dark electronic music duo formed by interdisciplinary artists Jussi Lehtisalo and Mika Taanila. Musician and record producer, Jussi Lehtisalo has released more than 150 albums, nearly 50 of which he has dropped with Circle, his most reputed outfit. Mika Taanila is a film director and visual artist whose work is situated halfway between documentary cinema, avant-garde and video art.

Hannu Saha & Pakasteet’s album Taas kerran, äkkiä ("Once Again, Quickly") was recorded at Ektro Studio in Pori, Finland. In addition to answering machine messages, the voice samples include a 1968 radio interview of Mika Waltari and dialogue from Risto Jarva's commissioned film Pakasteet II (1969). Hannu Saha’s five string kanteles were build by luthiers Jussi Ala-Kuha (late 1980’s) and Antero Vornanen (1935).

Cover photographs "The Seventh Wave - Haze" by Marko Vuokola
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"Taas kerran, äkkiä" out 31st of July, 2023.

Hannu Saha, Five stringed kanteles
Jussi Lehtisalo, Synthesizers, drum machine, zither
Mika Taanila, Tapes, synthesizer